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How to Layer for Winter Adventures

How to Layer for Winter Adventures | Wild Rock Outfitters

You know that saying about "no bad weather, just bad clothing"? The right foundation is key to staying warm and dry on your winter adventures. Layering for winter is an art form - but luckily it’s easy to learn.

Whether you’re dressing for an urban walk, watching the kids practice not falling on skates, or a day skiing in the backcountry, here are our best tips to layering for cold weather activities.



For walking the dog

While your dog has fur (and maybe even stylish canine booties and sweaters) to keep them warm, you don’t. An urban walk with the dog in wintertime requires several considerations - mobility, dexterity, and waterpproof fabrics (because you know your dog will take you off road into a deep snow drift at some point). And, if you’re walking early in the morning or later at night, please make sure your clothing has some reflective elements, and consider a headlamp.

Here are our recommendations:

Layer 1

  • Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Top
  • Patagonia Nano-Air Pants 
  • The North Face Tech Mezzaluna Jacket

Layer 2

  • Patagonia Down Sweater
  • Buff Mountain Collection Buff

Layer 3

  • Kombi Fidele Glove
  • Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket
  • Buff Knit Borae Hat


For early mornings at the rink

Brisk, dark mornings, cold metal benches, and sitting still while watching the littles on the ice - it all adds up to a bone-deep chill if you’re not dressed warmly enough! We recommend cozy layers, and a thermos with a hot drink, of course.

Here are our recommendations:

Layer 1

  • Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Top
  • Patagonia Nano-Air Pants

Layer 2

  • The North Face Campshire Fleece
  • Rella Rib Skull Cuff Faux Pom Hat

Layer 3

  • Indygena Ayaba Parka
  • Kombi Sublime Mitt


For a day of skiing

You might think you need to pack on as many layers as possible for a day on the ski trail, but that will just leave you sweaty, tired, and way too hot. The key to dressing for nordic skiing is lightweight, breathable layers. You’re going to be working up a sweat, and you want it to evaporate. Choose fabrics that will wick moisture away from your body, allow for ease of movement, and finish with something that will block the wind. Like with winter running, dress as though it’s a little warmer out than it is.

Here’s what we recommend:

Layer 1

  • Patagonia Capilene Midweight Bottoms
  • Patagonia Capilene Midweight Top
  • Salomon Escape Beanie

Layer 2

  • Swix Cross Jacket
  • Swix Corvara Softshell Pant
  • Swix Lahti Glove


Now that you have the basics down, you’re ready to take advantage of this fantastic season while also staying comfortable and warm. Now, go embrace winter!


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