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Kieran's Must-Haves for Gravel Rides

Kieran's Must-Haves for Gravel Rides | Wild Rock Outfitters

Kieran is our in-house gravel guru. A lifetime rider and passionate explorer, Kieran has slowly but surely encouraged local riders to embrace the fantastic gravel riding we have in Peterborough County. Always happy to share routes and advice, Kieran is even seen as a leader beyond our borders. He has been a part of the Shimano Gravel Alliance since its inception and is also an ambassador for Cervelo Bikes. If you have questions, Kieran probably has answers!

Over the years Kieran has learned (often the hard way) that gravel riding is about exploring both new roads as well as personal limits. Riding farther afield sometimes means exploring new ways of approaching nutrition and hydration as well as navigation and clothing. And, of course, the right bike needs to be paired up with a positive, adventurous attitude!

Kieran’s Thoughts on His Must-Have List:


Cervelo Aspero

Image of a Cervelo Aspero bicycle

As a lifelong road rider I really appreciate that the Aspero feels a lot like a “normal road bike”. It is light, nimble, and paired up with huge tire clearance. I will admit that I have two of these bikes. The first has a traditional gravel set up if there can be said to be such a thing. The second I have set up with 650 wheels, big tires, and a dropper seatpost. The second bike does not get ridden as much but it is SO MUCH FUN! Between these two bikes I can ride everything from asphalt to single track mountain bike trails.


Pro Discover Frame Bag

Image of a blue Pro Frame bag for a bicycle

I will admit that I never took frame bags seriously until being faced with a pandemic and its related business restrictions. Exploring in 2020-2021 has only been possible by becoming completely self-sufficient on the road. On the positive side, never having to plan routes with re-supply in mind has meant being able to ride even farther afield. My affection for the Pro Discover Frame Bag is not so much for the bag itself but where it allows me to go. It is compact but large enough for a rain jacket, sunscreen, tools and a day’s worth of food.


Pro Side Load Bottle Cage

Image of a side load bottle cage for a bike

I am not going to say much about this except to say that if you are going to use a frame bag then you want to pair it up with a side-load bottle cage. Just trust me on this one! The stiff aluminum of the Pro cages ensures that you won’t drop a bottle, even on the roughest roads.


Camelbak Chase Vest

Image of a blue Camelbak hydration vest

Along with my frame bag, a hydration vest/pack allows me to go farther without stopping and explore routes that are far from civilization. I have tried a number of “Camelbak” type packs and found the Chase Vest to be the best by far. It is designed for road/gravel riders so it sits high on my back leaving access to jersey pockets. The shoulder straps are also fully equipped with pockets so I have quick access to gels, bars and camera while I ride.


Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

Image of a Katadyn water filter

This is not an item that I have with me all the time but it has saved me on many a big day. Particularly now when business hours are unpredictable I like to have a hydration back up just in case I can’t find a place to refill. Simple water purification tablets are okay in a pinch but for cool, clear, delicious water, the Hiker Pro is my go-to.


Garmin Edge 1030

Image of a Garmin bike computer

Every good gravel adventure starts with a little bit of planning. The Garmin Edge 1030 allows me to create and load maps so I can follow routes with confidence. The large screen lets me leave my reading glasses at home. It is accurate and reliable for the longest rides that this old body can take on. 


Explore Gravel

Want to test out the gravel roads of the Kawarthas for yourself? Here are a few route suggestions:


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For more inspiration and unfolding stories follow Kieran on Strava and Instagram: @kieranwro

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