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Top 6 Places To Trail Run

Top 6 Places To Trail Run


Warsaw Caves

Harold Town CA

Silent Lake

Trent Nature Trails

Northumberland Forest

High Falls

  • Warsaw Caves | Loop | 5km - 13km 
  • The Warsaw Caves hold a dear place in our hearts. It was my running refuge during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. A short 15-minute drive out of downtown, you’ll find yourself with two options for a loop. The lookout trail (5km) is beautiful, technical and hilly (hence the name). It’s a good post-work run option. The other loop is the Limestone Plains Trail (7km). This starts technically in the campground, but it’s a great option for those looking for slightly less technical terrain. You can run this in both directions as a loop or as an out and back.

  • Harold Town Conservation Area | Loop | Infinite options 
  • The local stomping grounds for anyone who really enjoys being outside. Thanks to the Peterborough Trail Builders Association, we have kilometres of single track for those interested in mountain biking, hiking and trail running. There are about infinite options as per what trail and distances you can run here. All the trails are multi-use, however, there are some that are best avoided. Those being, Screaming Trees & Hot Breakfast. 

  • Silent Lake | Loop | 15km
  • For those of you who enjoy the longer, more technical runs Silent Lake is a perfect option. It’s a very technical 15km loop that spans the entire length of the lake itself. It’s reasonably far from town and you have to pay for a day pass - but it’s 100% worth it in my eyes. It makes for a great before-work run.

  • Trent Nature Trails | Loop | 2km +
  • I feel for some reason that this place often gets overlooked. It’s within the city limits and there are multiple options for loops on the property. You could run anywhere from 2km to 15km. The trails are wide, well-marked and not super technical. It’s a great spot to get started if you are just finding yourself getting into the sport. 

  • Northumberland Forest | Loop | Infinite Options
  • Just on the other side of Rice Lake, the Northumberland Forest is a great place to go for a run. The trails are sandy, wide, well-maintained and not technical. There are a few too many options for choices. If it's your first time there, I’d bring a map or download Trailforks on your phone. 

  • High Falls | Out and Back | 5km
  • Now, id argue that this is the coolest out-and-back run in the Kawarthas. It’s a long drive for such a short distance, but the trail is beautiful and you find yourself at a waterfall halfway. The trails aren't that well marked and it can be easy to get lost so definitely bring some kind of map or route plan. 

    These six places hold a special place in my heart, each offering unique experiences and challenges. Whether seeking a quick escape, an adventure-filled day, or an opportunity to connect with nature, these trails have something for every enthusiast. So lace up your running shoes, explore these fantastic destinations, and enjoy the thrill of trail running amidst stunning landscapes. Happy trails!

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