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Cn-M8100 Chain, Deore XT, HG 12-SPeed

Original price $66.99 - Original price $70.99
Original price
$66.99 - $70.99
Current price $66.99
Color: One Color
Size: ICNM8100126Q

Experience smooth and reliable shifting performance with the Shimano CN-M8100 Deore XT 12-Speed Chain. Weighing just 252 grams, this high-quality chain is designed to provide precise and efficient gear changes for your mountain biking adventures. The CN-M8100 features Hyperglide+ technology, ensuring quick and smooth shifts even under high pedaling loads. Its SIL-TEC surface treatment reduces friction and enhances durability, extending the chain's lifespan. Compatible with 12-speed drivetrains, this chain offers excellent power transfer and chain retention, thanks to its advanced design. Whether you're tackling challenging trails or cruising through scenic routes, the Shimano CN-M8100 Deore XT 12-Speed Chain delivers top-notch performance and reliability for your cycling needs.